Monday, January 11, 2010

Sun IdM Console in Action

Sun Identity Manager comes with a very useful utility which is called "console".
This utility is a command based interface that let a user to execute commands to perform actions on IdM components.

How to launch it?

Here, I am explaining this utility with NetBeans IDE 6.5 for Sun Identity Manager 8.1.

Netbeans IDE must have Sun IdM plugin installed before to launch this utility.

  1. Go to project tab.
  2. Right click on IdM project as shown in pic.
  3. Click on Run LH Command and you would get a text field to enter your command
  4. Type 'console' and hit the trigger 'OK'.

You will get a console screen under the output window of NetBeans IDE.

Just type command 'help' and you will have a list of all available commands.

Let's try 'encrypt' command which is used to encrypt a password
Configurator> encrypt password

'encrypt' command returns an encrypted value of input string as have seen in above example.

Following are some important commands