Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Common Build Environment (CBE)

Netbean IDE provides IDM plug-in to develop IDM application with CBE (Common Build Environment).

This CBE is very useful to handle complete IDM build process.
Even it makes multiple environments build process easy and intuitive.

Go to the below link to get the complete understanding of CBE:


How To Setup An IDM Project

Just imagine you are a newbie in Sun IDM development then you are definitely bogged down with
enormous new terminologies like build-process, XML imports and build-targets etc.
Now, you require a mentor who could teach you everything related to development and deployment of an IDM application. So, to get a quick insight into IDM platform and have a virtual mentor

Friday, June 12, 2009

How to create groups in LDAP or Active Directory (AD) from Workflow

As we know very well that LDAP or Active Directory(AD)is always being used to store data in hierarchical structure by making different-different Groups.

The Groups in LDAP or AD can be expanded to any level in hierarchical structure.
There is always LDAP or AD Administrator who creates Groups in a domain as per
predefined requirement.

But sometimes as an IDM developer you might face a situation to create a Group
dynamically after being evaluated some logics in your business Work Flow.

Here is my endeavor to make your work little bit smoother

<Action id='0' name='create groups in LDAP'>
<block name='create groups in LDAP' trace='true'>
<set name='resourceObject'>
<invoke name='getObject'>
<invoke name='getLighthouseContext'>
<invoke name='findType' class='com.waveset.object.Type'>
<s>DemoLDAP</s> <!-- LDAP or AD resource name -->
<set name='resourceAdapterHandle'>
<invoke name='findAdapter' class='com.waveset.provision.ResourceOp'>
<invoke name='getCache'>
<invoke name='getLighthouseContext'>
<set name='newOUGenericObject'>
<new class='com.waveset.object.GenericObject'>
<s>ou=GroupName,dc=test,dc=root</s> <!-- Group name -->
<s>Organizational Unit</s>
<invoke name='createObject'>

Friday, June 5, 2009

Make Process Diagram Visible in IDM 8.1

In IDM 8.1 the visibility of the Process Diagram is disabled by default.

But sometime you want to see the flow of a workflow's activities then you go to

process diagram in Admin Interface.

To make the process diagram visible do the following changes in

'Configuration:System Configuration' xml file.

<Attribute name='disableProcessDiagrams'>

By default the attribute 'disableProcessDiagrams' value is true.

Note: Please restart your application to get the effects of changes in the IDM.

Stop Active Sync

Suppose you have a requirement to stop your active sync not from admin interface.

Then you are bound to contemplate to achieve that then you slew to programming paradigm to meet the requirement.

Hey no need to bring sweat in your euphoria just mail me to get remedy